7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes in Nepal And India

By | May 12, 2015

Nepal has been in news since the 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck their 2 week earlier. Now Nepal is once again a centre of attraction as another major earthquake just struck their again. Nepal was just on the phase of recovering from a devastating earth quake but a second major earthquake of magnitude 7.4 hit the area of Namche Bazzar, near Mt. Everest. According to the various news sources the epicentre was just 15Km below the Earth surface. Nepal Earthquake shocks were felt not only in Nepal but in various parts of India also like Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and parts of Bangladesh also.

Nepal earthquake today of magnitude 7.4

Government are advising people not to panic and stay alert. Aftershocks are expected to hit again but of not much high magnitude, so people should not panic if they can feel the shocks again. News source are not able to reach the affected area so the amount of destruction is not known. We will update soon on the conditions once reports can interact with the people of disaster struck areas. The last Nepal Earthquake killed more than 8000 people and destroyed many homes; lakhs of people are living in relief camps without proper home and sanitation. This is the reason why breakout of disease is also feared in the affected region.

earthquake india nepal

Last earthquake struck on 25th April 2015 and the centre was Kathmandu, which is also the capital of Nepal. The devastation was so much as the magnitude was 7.9 and its shocks were also felt in India and in the Himalayas where lots of mountaineers lost their lives. Relief operations were conducted by India and many other countries also supported the affected people there.

Earthquake in Nepal And India:

Till now we don’t have any idea about the destruction this 7.4 magnitude earthquake produced in Nepal as well as some states of India like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal but we will soon update on the conditions of Nepal. Nepal earthquake today gave a notice to everyone that they should be prepared for any disaster. Nepal and  few states of India earthquake pictures can be found all over the news, we also pray for the people there and hope the destructions is not sever as the building have already been destroyed in the previous Nepal earthquake.

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